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Why choose automated gates for your house


Both the fences and the gates are made to make us feel safe and delineate the yard of the house. We need to protect our goods, and automated gates can help you achieve this goal. This helps you to feel safe and truly enjoy the property you own. The automatic gates are easier to use than any of this kind of system. Although there is a possibility to turn a classic gate into an automatic one by using an automation system, it is best to choose automated gates from the start. 

Convenience and comfort 

An automatic system is so easy to use that you do not even have to get out of the car when you drive to your house. You just use a remote control to close or open, the doors, everything is done from the car. One button push is required from a distance, so you do not have to make any effort to close or open the gate. In case of bad weather or when you are in a hurry, this will prove to be extremely helpful. 

Increased security 

Today, more and more people who own a house look for security systems to provide them protection. Automatic gates are among the best choices. Your property, including the car, is protected against theft, and pets and children are safe. 

Increase property value 

A modern gate helps increase the cost of the property and you can see it as a long-term investment. You can feel this the best way when you want to sell the property because you can choose a higher price. 

Improved image 

A new gate that opens or closes remotely contributes enormously to the image of your property. Whether you use the house for personal purposes, to live with your family, or as an office, an automatic gateway will stand out. 

For maximum safety and comfort, you can choose automation systems for swing or sliding gates, but also for your garage doors, or even for entrance doors. These systems are also ideal for corporate headquarters.  

Access gates are an essential part of the property enclosure construction and their automation is required for smooth operation, especially in the case of large ones. See here. 

However, with the installation of automatic gates, some operating issues can also occur. They can be avoided by observing some rules in the choice of mechanization systems and the construction of the barriers. 

To begin with, we’ll make a classification by how the automated gates open. We have the following situations: 

  • Sliding gates – the entrance is driven by a rack-and-pinion engine and retracted in parallel with a property fence recommended on the inside; 
  • Swing gates – the gates are driven by articulated arm motors, rackets or buried motors; 

The construction solution is chosen according to the available maneuver space, the existence of barriers or the possibility of building them with automation. The automation kit should be chosen based on the size of the gates and their weight. It is good to select an oversized engine that does not work at the limit and does not struggle with a massive gate.  

A small engine that may initially work may be damaged prematurely, or due to wear or obstruction (snow, ice, dirt on the track, etc.), the gate may be locked frequently at opening/closing, requiring manual intervention. 

You can find a wide variety of gates automation kits. The price difference consists of the driving powers, the number of opening/closing cycles per day (or per hour) for the engines and the quality of the materials from which the accessories are made such as rackets, guide rollers or rails. You have to think that these systems are in the outdoor environment both in summer and winter, so they are subject to corrosion, humidity and dust. 

Particular attention must be paid to installation and adjustment. The gate does not have to hit the head of the street and must be able to notice an obstacle and limit the movement and then retrieve the gate if the obstruction is accidentally hit in order not to cause damage or injury. 

Sliding systems must be properly installed and fitted with winter-friendly de-icing systems. Most sliding gates running on the track have snow and ice problems on the road. The de-icing system with an integrated heating cable can solve or limit these problems. It is advisable as far as possible to even think of a system that allows the extraction of the wire or rail to replace the deflection cable which after some years may require replacement.