Who cleans up the traces of blood at the crime scene after the cops and investigators leave?

Before carrying out death scene cleanup service, it’s necessary to find out important detail because a lot of things depend on how and when the person died. Maybe someone was lying dead in a bathroom for a week, in a humid environment and someone hanged himself with his tie. In the latter case the specialists need to take into account other bodily fluids and secretions, such as semen or feces.

Before professionals start cleaning procedures come, they always ask questions like what happened and where is the corpse lies. They also need to know if the deceased or a victim of a crime had any illnesses and if there is a possibility of infection.

What happens to a person after death?

The heart stops and the blood thickens. As soon as this happens, all other parts of the body begin to die at different rates.

The blood that the heart has stopped dispersing through the vessels accumulates in the veins and arteries. Since it no longer flows, the body takes on a complex coloring. Its lower part turns purple-blue whereas the upper part of the corpse is deathly pale.

The intestines are emptied. Although rigor mortis causes the body to freeze, not all organs do so. Our sphincter at the moment of death finally gains freedom, getting rid of total control and releases everything it has inside.

It’s a well-known fact that corpses stink. Putrid odors are caused by an overabundance fungus and bacteria which start to multiply at the enormous speed. The production of putrefactive gases and smells is accompanied by the “feast” of bacteria and fungus.

Speaking of unattended death, the body will soon become the target for meat flies which will lay their eggs in the dead body and then turn into larvae. The larvae bite into dead flesh.

These pictures are the ones which professionals who provide death scene cleanup service see and they need to take the corresponding measures to eliminate all terrible consequences of someone’s death.

The specialists working at death scene cleanup service are the ones who arrive last the scene of the crime. They come after the police have left, after the funeral has taken place.

Cleaning staff who have to deal with emotionally challenging scenes of death or crimes usually do their work with headphones because the music helps them get distracted and concentrate on efficient cleaning.

Death scene cleanup service starts working only after the authorities give permission to be present at the crime scene to a person who is not involved in the police investigation. The cleaning services can’t do their job without this permission. In addition, any death scene cleanup service must have a special licence.

People who use death scene cleanup service are usually in a very difficult situation. From the moment the body is found until the cleaning staff finish the job, they have to constantly see blood – on the floor, on the walls, in the bathroom.

Once the house is clean and the smell is gone, their mood changes. Often they cry with relief, as if a heavy burden had been lifted from their shoulders. They no longer need to see this horror around.