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Top 15 Amazing DIY Basement Design Ideas DIY (Basement Finishing Costs Updated For Fall 2016)


The basement is usually the most neglected part of your home, and the most neglected part is the basement ceiling. But as you’ll see below, and you’ve no doubt seen elsewhere finished basement has grown to include a variety of styles and functions and includes a variety of furniture cavemen. In the past drop ceiling well deserved has gotten a bad rap for being unattractive. That also can be a good opportunity to add drainage pipes along with thermal and water insulations to the basement floor. Great Lighting – You need good lighting if you are going to turn your basement into an office.

Anyway, there are so many things that you can do to have fun times when you have a basement in your house. Below-grade spaces are subject to water and moisture, two common enemies of home construction. Turn your basement into a massive chalkboard for anxiety-free fun, like Heather of The Heathered Nest did. Many people complaint that their basement is too small to be useful for anything, but we will try to prove them wrong. This is a large basement converted into a true vacation with some table games and a large television viewing area. The point is that with the Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System you have the ability to design the ideal living space to meet your needs. Such a ceiling comprises of a grid work of metal bars in the form of an inverted T”, suspended from the ceiling by means of overhead joists. Though your basement may also have a higher purpose, it often ends up serving as a general storage area.

Warmth, comfort and pleasure – these are the key words that should be guiding your decisions for the basement. To achieve this you will want darker colored walls, floor and ceiling of this room, a large TV, comfortable seating and plenty of tables on which you can place your drinks and popcorn. When you need an extra space for living you can make use of your abandon and ignored basement.

Right across the internet including kitchens check out this chic basement bar design and anything else just short of home office. An advantage of this basement idea is that it separates the office from the family and the family rooms. A basement ideas unfinished often have structural constraints that you need to enter or find a way around. We reinforced some boards between beams and marked the spot before we drywalled the ceiling.

Of course, these are just a sampling of the basement ideas that you can consider for your home in Newton, Massachusetts. First thing, before doing anything like building the wall or painting it, you need to calculate how much money you want to spend on basement finishing ideas. This greatly reduces the odds that a backed-up sewer line or septic system will flood the basement. That’s why it’s important to first understand those challenges in order to make the most of any design ideas you might have. I’ve also considered walling off one part of the basement for storage, the washer and dryer, and relocating the freezer separately. The first step to a beautiful finished basement is prepping for it. Use our handy guide to get started. Now here’s the basement for people who love to entertain and love the culture bar.