Tips on Caring for Gutters to Avoid Leaking and Clogging

A gutter that is usually installed on the edge of the roof serves to accommodate and drain rainwater that falls on the roof of the house. Although its function looks simple, the presence of a water Gutterhead is effective to prevent exposure to rain which can result in weathering on doors, windows, and walls.

Problems that often occur in Gutters are a buildup of leaves, dust, and other impurities carried by the wind so that they can cause blockages. Finally, rainwater will pool so that it can cause corrosion on metal gutters, weathered wood showers or even broken gutters.

To avoid the above damage, you need to contact the DWH plumbing solution. DWH plumbing solution is a plumbing services Newcastle can help you to repair your gutters from damage. And there are also common ways to clean and maintain gutters are as follows:

Removing Stacking Dirt

Dispose of the dirt collected in the Gutter, like leaves. You can use a small plastic shovel to make this work easier.

If you want to shovel, start from the hole that drains water down, then move away from this point. In order not to have to work twice to clean up the dirt that has fallen on the patio or yard, use a plastic bucket to collect it and bring it down.

Spray the shower head with hose

After all the dirt is cleaned, spray water on the showerhead using a hose. Run water along the canal, down to the pipe that leads down. It would be better if the hose used is equipped with a pressure regulator that can be turned on and off. If necessary, you can also scrub the showerhead with a brush while spraying water.

Remove the Plugs From the Pipe

If water does not flow smoothly in a downward-directed pipeline, that means there is dirt blocking it. Try spraying water with a pressure large enough to push the plug out.

If the above method doesn’t work, maybe you need to use tools to pull or push it. To make it easier, you can use a borer that is usually used by plumbers, which are often called augers or drain snakes.

Pay Attention to the Safety Factor

You can hire the services of a professional handyman to do the work of cleaning and caring for a Gutter. But if you intend to do it yourself, some things you need to consider to maintain safety.

  • Before going up the stairs to reach the Gutter, make sure the ladder you use stands firmly and not wavering. Also, make sure the feet of the stairs rest on a solid surface and not slippery. So that your position is more stable, when standing and cleaning, never set foot on two steps at a time. Do not also lean on the sides of the stairs.
  • If you do cleaning from the roof, not on the stairs, make sure you work with attention to safety factors. This method should be done if the roof of the house is quite gentle and not too steep. Don’t do it when the roof is wet and slippery, or when the weather is windy. Use anti-slip shoes to avoid slipping, and be careful with electrical wiring installation.
  • Always use gloves to protect the skin from scratches.
  • Before cleaning the Gutter, it is better to first clean the roof of the house from various impurities that may be swept away by rain and accumulate in the Gutter drains.