LVP Flooring: A Great Option when Refurbishing your Home

Luxury vinyl flooring or LVP imitates the look of genuine wood in every aspect, varying between species and colour! A stunning effect can be created as it is possible to install it in an elegant and suave way. Even a brick-type fashion can be created!

This type of flooring can create the ideal combination of functionality and elegance. Beautiful designs in a wide variety of styles and colours are available. Furthermore, it will provide a tougher and durable floor even compared to options like laminate and hardwood. It offers an excellent surface where water and scratch-problems may occur. As with everything else this type of flooring has differences and are not designed equal.

    Differences to take into account

  • The backings of assorted brands can differ form each other.
  • Residential warranties are in place for some brands of luxury vinyl floor planking, whilst commercial warranties are offered by others too.
  • Make sure that the type you purchase has a resistance to water or is water-proof.
  • Check whether the vinyl plank is UV-stabilized which will be a protection against fading.
  • Watch out that the type of plank flooring you choose has mildew and mould inhibitor as a built-in protection.
  • Look out for a hypo-allergenic warranty, which are offered by certain manufacturers.

§        Remember to compare the thickness of various brands, which create durability. Products available start approximately at a

thickness of 2-mm and goes up to about 6-mm.

  • Prices can differ immensely between different brands and styles. Starting at $.99 a square-ft up to $5 a square-foot. Your choice will depend on your budget. When you opt for the cheaper product just make sure that the price matches ti wear layer and thickness of the LPV flooring!
  • Make sure to compare similar products to each other.
  • Installation methods

The foremost method is to use an adhesive which is fully spread. However, it is not wise to handle it as a DIY-project.

The other method is using a kind that is self-adhesive. However, the peel and stick kind is not the same. It is a lower grade and you should not get confused between the self-adhesive and peel and stick, usually you will need to replace this in a period of three years.

The real luxury vinyl planks, stick to each other, whilst the peel-and stick type is placed directly on the floor. The real type generally has a tip on its edges and has glue, which the factory applied.

Various finishes are obtainable in this luxury vinyl floor planking. However, most clients prefer the smooth-finish. You can choose between floor planking with a real wood-look with added hand scraped scratches or can opt for a registered embossed finish.

With all the beautiful luxury vinyl flooring available, we can assure you that it won’t be an easy task. However, if you take the above-mentioned guidelines into account, we are sure you will make the perfect choice! Browse online to experience the wide variety available now!