He regards Alessi as an industrial research laboratory that explores the possibilities of products in the field of design. The show brings together 650 objects designed by 400 Italian women, or female designers working for Italian companies. Since 2008 Mad Men TV show has radically changed the face of television and it has influenced the trends regarding interior design. With the appartamento, LAGO presented a highly innovative project and comment on the new values of design. We implement our promises and offer many modern designs of Italian living rooms with modern lighting from Italian ideas to implement it in our living rooms. You can find our modern sofa beds collection on our Italian furniture website and browse the different modern styles. If you prefer a more deluxe type of Italian furniture then you’ll be pleased at what’s presented, & you can identify the fantastic quality of these things by including some deluxe cushions and fabrics.

A better exchange rate, though, means Italian design will soon arrive in the Southwest, where it works quite nicely. Today the firm has relationships with some 200 external designers, many of whom are much better known for expertise in fields such as architecture than in houseware design. Owners Carol Bell and Tamara Scott-Anderson remodeled 1,000 feet of showroom into a minimalist Italian apartment to illustrate how an Italy-Old Pueblo mashup would look.

Choosing the right pieces for your home is one of the most important decisions you will need to make, let our designers help. While the traditional Italian kitchen design has always been the characteristics of the modern touches are added that can give almost any Italian-style kitchen with all modern flair plans.

I mean Wow, how can she look so damn good just wearing jeans, a t’shirt and a butter soft leather jacket with matching bag, and not a Hermés scarf in sight?” My Italian friends never fail to astound me with their style. Straight from the bed itself to bedside table, dressing tables and chest of drawers, contemporary Italian furniture can actually have an effect. I love this story because it speaks volumes about how much the Italian men appreciate the effort that women put into their appearance.italian design

France’s graphic design and animation industry was completely restructured in less than five years. Hani Rashid: It was my real interest in Alberto Alessi as a creative entrepreneur and the conversations he and I were able to have though the design process. Maurice Biais (1875 – 1926) was another graphic designer of La Maison Moderne, whose simplified flat painted posters using elegant typefaces were exquisitely balanced and innovative.