Know the Purpose and Necessity of a Stud Finder

The problem of attaching or hanging anything on a drywall is nothing new among people with each wall hanging, from paintings to mirrors, having its own individual problem. While light-weighted objects can be sometimes hung with a double-sided tape the problem occurs when heavier objects are into consideration. Since studs are not always available or in most cases, only some are in the desirable position, it becomes extremely necessary to make use of a stud finder to help you solve such problem. An essential part of home improvement, the stud finder is a tool that is mostly needed when almost the entire construction or repairing work has been completed.

So, if you are planning to hang something heavy on your wall you should make sure that you have an electronic stud finder in your tool-kit. This will help you to ensure that whatever object is hung on the drywall will stay up. While most people are unaware of the necessities and functions of a stud finder it plays a major role in your home construction work. Besides the purpose a stud finder can serve other necessary factors to take into consideration include the cost of the product, the features it possesses and the brand that provides the appropriate product for such purpose. The high-quality electronic stud finders with the most competitive price in the market attract the attention of potential customers looking for a hand-held device to identify studs on the walls.

Using different stud finders for different purposes

Generally, two types of stud finders are available in the market, the first one being electronic detectors and the other one being magnetic detectors. The simpler magnetic type is cheaper and is more reliable. However, a good electronic finder will cost no less than $50 which is a bit on the higher side for those looking to use it one or two times a year. But this can be a good investment for those who are using it for a professional purpose. Magnetic stud finders have their own drawbacks as it can detect up to a limit of ½ inch thickness. Therefore, its purpose and use are restricted to small screws only. The CH Hanson 03040 is a simple yet advanced electronic stud finder that operates with the help of magnets. Therefore, the hassles of recharging your batteries can be completely avoided.

Zircon i65 is another product with wide functionality including a tiny LCD screen to show the center of the stud. It can also detect live wires on the walls up to 2 inches deep. The ProSensor 710 Franklin is suitable for professional users to detect the presence of studs through LED light indicators. The Craftsman Wall Scanner with AC WireWarning is another professional tool that uses laser lights to show center positions on the wall. All these are suitable for individuals who are interested in renovation or DIY and want a device that is extremely handy as well as easy to use.