Italian Design And Technology

Installazione interattiva dedicata a sei grandi designer italiani presentata all’interno della mostra curata dall’Atelier Mendini. Historian and author Dr Grace Lees-Maffei unpicks Italy’s rich design history through 15 key objects. Many objects also contain a highly humane and emotional element, and indeed this type of design is classified as “emotional design”. Do you like the luxurious interiors or classic interior design and furniture, i hope that these album can won your admire, and you can share it with your family and friends.

Decorating home with latest furniture collection has become a satisfying experience with providing modern, contemporary European and Italian furniture which are trendy and affordable at your fingertips. For the ultimate in deluxe and relaxed beds, Italian bedroomfurniture is 2nd to none. In 1945-1946 engineer, Pierluigi Torre was assigned to design a new scooter that would employ a steel tube frame construction. The technical department is to support the designers starting from the early stages. Our carefully selected high quality Italian kitchen brands offer numerous possibilities of colors, wooden finishes, prestigious materials, styles and designs. The firm is perhaps best known for its invention of the first home espresso maker, as well as for a certain sense of humor with which it approaches the design of common kitchen utensils. There are many kinds of modern Italian office furniture that you can select the best from depending on your choice and requirement.

This is our first post in Italian Corner blog about Italian windows designs and Italian windows styles for our rooms. Easy access into a room will make it seem more spacious, so place your furniture away from the doors. Above: The Tripolina chair was originally designed by American inventor Joseph B. Fenby, then produced by the Viganò firm in Tripoli, Libya, for the Italian market. But to buy something that has this remarkable aura of design sophistication is unique. We spent an hour looking through the wonderful images at Brillante Home Decor, an exciting design blog that we stumbled across.

The course is addressed to students and professionals interested in product design. There is nothing more truth than this: a good design can change your life for the better and in this case it seems that Ty Pennington has Variér ergonomic chairs in his mind! Jose Escobar, of Five Star Painting, applies plaster to a recreation of an Italian apartment at Contents Interiors. Gae Aulenti, Achille Castiglioni and Vico Magistretti were the top Italian designers of the 50s’ and 60’s. They did an excellent job as Italy became a Mecca for the new creative generation of international designers.

Historian and author Dr Grace Lees-Maffei unpicks Italy’s rich design history by choosing 15 key objects and projects across architecture, fashion, automobiles and product design. The real and first secret behind this beauty its calmness and simplicity for Italian tastes. An ideal mix of skills in which established professionals and young designers coexist coming from the most important Italian and international design schools. IDI is a family owned business that has been operating in the Boston Area for over 25 years with a wide experience in imported Italian contemporary furniture for any room in the house.