Fresh flowers can lend a lease of life to just about any place. Your home which is your special place deserves to be decorated with fresh flowers. Often we tend to use fresh slower arrangements only on the dining table. However, there are many other places in your home that can be decorated with fresh flowers.

The living room could do with some revving up with fresh flowers. Select a beautiful vase and put in fresh flowers which ever ones you like, it could be a bunch of the same flowers or a combination of different flowers and put it in the corner or any mantle in your living room. Another good idea could be to create a float with the flowers by placing them in a crystal bowl full of water. This could be further enhanced for some occasions by lighting floating candles in the bowl along with the flowers.

This bowl can be placed anywhere in your living room on the center table, or in your bed room in the corner and it will look simple and beautiful. The kitchen too deserves to be remembered. Placing a vase with flowers might not be exactly the best idea in for the kitchen. What you can do here is on a windowsill put potted plants like sun loving primroses and African violets etc. The best part about putting flowering plants in the kitchen is that you can use just about anything to serve as a pot. This could be old tea pots or clay pots etc.

Now in the dining room of course the dining table is one obvious place to put flowers. Instead of the simple arrangement in the center of the table, you can go in for a slightly more elaborate arrangement. This could be done by combining flowers of different varieties and also use some dried grass decoration along with them.

Fresh flowers are believed to be therapeutic and definitely are more attractive than artificial ones. Of course the artificial ones too are required in places where changing flowers regularly is not possible. However, this is not the case at home where we don’t need to make too efforts to find fresh flowers.

Another place to put flowers is your own bedroom. This is the sanctum of your home and indeed a very private space. This place deserves your favorite flower and that too generously. Of course what you can do is place them on the mantle, on the bed side table, on your reading desk if you have any in the room etc.