Everyone certainly has their own dream home criteria. Living in a dream home not only provides comfort, but also creates positive energy in it.

Aesthetic value and comfort in the home were mutually sustainable. If the decoration or arrangement of furniture carelessly, the house will feel uncomfortable and unsightly.

Of course there are some things that we must pay attention to when decorating a dream home. Fortunately, now many home decoration references from the internet can be an inspiration.

Instagram account for home decoration inspiration

Now, on Instagram there are already many Indonesian accounts that provide tips and inspiration for good home decor. Among these are the following 5 Instagram account decorations, let’s see it!

1. @Blogsachi

Instagram decoration inspiration

@Blogsachi is an account owned by a mother who likes to share the day-to-day of her baby, Sachi, and her cats. The house they lived in became very beautiful residential decoration content.

The interior of the predominantly Scandinavian- style house truly spoiled the eyes. Moreover, the decoration and arrangement of the furniture looks very aesthetic.

Sachi cat

The decoration of the house looks even more charming with a combination of wood, pastel colors and green plants. You can also get cute and dreamy children’s room inspirations here.

Not only that, @Blogsachi can also be your inspiration for arranging books, wall hangings, and plants. I really want to have a house like this!

2. @Casacalva

Instagram decoration inspiration

Want to decorate a Skandinaivan-style house, but with a different touch? You can find out the inspiration on @Casacalva !

The owner of this account often shares sweet photos of his house that combine Scandinavian and Japanese themes The dominance of wooden furniture makes the house look warm and homey.

Instagram decoration inspiration

Not just sharing portraits, yes, @Casacalva also likes to share stories behind the home decorations that he shows. You will get many decoration tips from this account!

The selection and layout of each furniture also plays an important role in every decoration. For example like the selection of kitchen lights above. Even though it is small, it looks very cozy and aesthetic!

3. @ La.vally

instagram la.vally

@ La.vally is another Instagram account that is suitable for inspiring tiny home decor. The combination of modern minimalist design with a touch of green plants is the theme of the owner of the account.

Starting from the inspiration of the decoration of the living room, kitchen, terrace, room, toilet, to the back garden you can find here. Each upload is also complete with decoration tips that are easy to follow, you know!

kitchen inspiration la.vally

All aspects of the home, ranging from furniture to perintilan decoration really looks very harmonious. So cool, look!

The account owner also did not hesitate to share furniture shop references and answer the followers ‘ questions This account also proves that you don’t need a big house to feel comfortable and aesthetic.

Through the feeds and the Instastory, you can get various interesting tips about dwelling decoration. Of course all the ideas are lowbudget, and make it even more comfortable at home!