Top Factors to Consider When Purchasing Interior Shutters

Bringing shutters into the home is becoming one of the most popular home style trends of this year. Not only do they provide more privacy for your home’s interior, but they also are sturdier than traditional blinds and curtains. If you are thinking of purchasing indoor shutters, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration first to guarantee you get the right look every time.

Divider Rails 

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the right indoor shutter designs for your home. Divider rails are always a convenient option when you want the flexibility of only opening a portion of the shutter. These divider rails typically are customizable when it comes to the height they are installed at.

For example, many homeowners who put shutters in the windows surrounding their tables will use a divider rail that is installed just above eye level. This allows them to keep the bottom shutters closed, which keeps them hidden while eating. At the same time, this allows for the upper shutters to be opened, letting light flow into the room for a comfortable dining experience.

Shutter Length 

When you scroll through the many options at, you’ll be able to realize that interior shutters come in many different sizes. You can opt for a full window panel, a half window panel, or something in between. For each room of your home, you should decide how much of the window you would like to be able to cover.

For example, when it comes to bedroom windows, you’ll likely want the option to cover the entire window. For dining and living rooms, you may only want the option to partially cover the window. This will block those standing at eye level from seeing in your home while allowing for the sun’s rays to come in the top portion of the window naturally.

Louver Size 

If you are not aware, louvers are the wooden slates that are present within the shutter. These louvers can be ordered in a variety of size to fit the design of your home and the view you desire. The larger louvers are going to allow for more open views of the outside when the shutters are in their open position. Smaller louvers are going to allow for a more private view when in the open position. The size of your window will need to be taken into consideration when deciding on the right louver size.

Type Of Tilt 

Although you may think of traditional wooden shutters with a rod down the middle for opening and closing the louvers, this is not always the case. The traditional look is known as the front tilt. It provides a very convenient rod in which you can access very quickly. Another option is the hidden, sometimes called the rear, tilt. This option allows for a clearer view as the rod is placed alongside the edge of the shutter.

Adding shutters to the interior of your home can bring you a whole new look. Whether your goal is more privacy from your neighbors or to bring more style to your indoors, you can be assured you’ll find the perfect shutters to match the job. Before you run off to the shutter store, however, you should take the above considerations into account so you have a better idea of what interior shutter will best fit your home.