Tips to Make Moving Day Easier

Moving is one of the things that most people dread. All the packing and making sure that utilities are turned off at your old place and on at the new place can take a toll. There are a million things that you will have to remember. There are several ways to make moving a little less stressful.

Pack a Bag with Necessities

A bag or a tote with all the things that you will need right away can be placed in your trunk or back seat, so that do not have to look for them. This could include your charger for your cell phone, medications, toilet tissue and paper towels, important documents, snacks, and keys that you may need.

Stock the Kitchen Before Moving In

It is a good idea to stock your refrigerator and the pantry before moving day. This is one of the chores you will not have to do in the middle of trying to get everything moved in and unpacked. Plus, you will have food on hand, even if it is something you can heat up quickly, so you do not have to stop what you are doing to go grocery shopping. Make sure you have snacks for the kids and yourself for break time.

Hire a Moving Company

You will likely hear people say how glad they were that they hired a moving company to help. Movers are professionals and know how to pack everything so that it is easier to find and transported safely. When it comes to moving the heavy furniture or appliances, they have the equipment to maneuver items in tight spaces or down stairs. Even constantly hauling boxes out of the home to a truck can take a toll on your back. Companies such as First Choice Movers can be found at

Create a map, and tape it to a wall that is easily seen when entering the home. A rough floor plan of the home can be drawn to show movers where each room is for putting the boxes and furniture. For example, boxes marked master bedroom will go in the room that says master bedroom. This can help eliminate confusion for rooms that are not obvious, such as the kitchen or living room.