Most people want to feel proud to show off their home to their guests and put beautiful decor pieces or furnishings on display. Unfortunately, the interior setting can begin to look eclectic over time due to different types of products that you begin to accumulate. If you want to make the home appear elegant and lovely, there are a few important tips to follow when decorating.

Add Narrow Strips of Molding

You can dress up bare or plain walls with narrow strips of molding that are added to create a chic and contemporary environment. The molding will draw the eyes to certain areas of the room and can complement a stunning fireplace or a stairwell to make everything appear more symmetrical.

You can also make the ceilings stand out with architectural details that are used around each light fixture where the electrical wire attaches to the ceiling. Decorative ceiling medallions will create a stunning environment and can be painted to complement the surrounding room.

Use Wood Shutters

Wood shutters look bold and beautiful when used on different windows of the home and can allow light in without compromising on the level of privacy that is provided. Consider using full solid shaker shutters from a company like, which will block out all of the light and will contribute to the style of the home. The shutters will add extra character to the setting and will work as a classic window treatment that can easily be opened or closed.

Go Faux

From fur rugs to marble finishes, there are several types of materials that can add luxurious elements to the home. Use fur throws on the end of beds or chaises for a cozy touch that has plenty of appeal. Quartz countertops mimic the style of marble and will look beautiful in the kitchen or in the bathrooms of the home.

Use High-End Art

High-end art is easy to find at local antique stores or flea markets when it is time to decorate your entryway or hallways. You can also update vintage art with new frames that are used, which will increase the appeal of your home office or living room with the paintings and drawings that are put on display.

Antique vases or China dishes will also look elegant and can be used to decorate a dining room.

Apply Wallpaper

Using wallpaper instead of paint will make the home look like a professional decorated the interior setting. Use an ikat wallpaper design in the guest bathroom or a trellis pattern in the living room to add regal prints that appear expensive. Renters can also use decals or temporary wallpaper to dress up the setting and prevent it from looking bare.

Your home doesn’t need expensive fixtures or furniture pieces to look elegant and inviting. With the right materials and products used, you can live in a contemporary environment that is classy and chic with the features that are highlighted throughout the space.