Recipe for a Rustic Restaurant

The restaurant scene is a great place to be for innovation and culinary exploration. For aspiring restauranteurs, there are many elements required for success. You’ll need to find the perfect chef who offers a menu you love. You’ll need to pick the best location, whether it’s in Vail, Seattle, New York or San Diego. And you’ll need to find the ideal building and décor to meet your needs. To help with the building and décor, here are some ideas to help you design a rustic restaurant. 

Building Type 

For a rustic restaurant, the building you select will serve as the foundation for the vibe you give off. Look for a building that has an open floorplan. A building with exposed rafters is a great choice. If those rafters are wood, that’s even better. A building with hardwood floors would be ideal but the likelihood of finding such a site are pretty low. Alternatively, concrete is a good choice. Find a company that does garage floor resurfacing and they can upgrade your concrete flooring to a rustic color tone. This resurfacing will make your floors look amazing and provide great durability. 

Important Features 

Once you’ve figured out the type of building you want to find, there are some other features that should be on your checklist. A fireplace is at the top of the list. Nothing says rustic like a stone hearth and a roaring fire. Room for a bar is also pretty important if you’re aiming for a rustic feel. Brick or wood walls are also a good choice to attain that ambiance you’re looking for. 


In terms of décor, the possibilities are endless. For light fixtures, wooden chandeliers, wire cage wall sconces, rubbed bronze finishes and Edison light bulbs are a great way to go. Sliding barn doors are a nice addition to give that rustic vibe. These can be used to close off different parts of the room, to hide storage areas or even on blank walls as decoration. Another great touch is to add deer or elk antlers, bull horns or other representations of wildlife. 


For tables, go industrial. Wood tables with iron fittings and fixtures scream rustic. For chairs, leather is a great way to go. Find chairs that are made of wood but use leather for the cushions. This combination of tables and chairs will complement each other well. 

When you’re opening a new restaurant, you want to stand out. The menu, the décor and the location will all make an imprint in your patron’s minds. Make the best impression you can.