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Main challenges faced to install the Bamboo Flooring


The wooden floors are highly popular these days because of its appealing looks. The wooden floors look very impressive with modern interiors. These floors come with various options like oak wood, Maple hardwood and bamboo wooden floors. The bamboo flooring is most popular one from these types of wooden floors. Most of the people prefer the bamboo wooden flooring because of various reasons. The Bamboo Flooring has a better finishing and appeal than other wooden floors. These floors are also less costly as compared to the hardwood floors. So these wood flooring Toronto are very good consideration to choose for your place.

Apart from these qualities, there are some challenges which are faced by installers while installing the Bamboo Flooring.Some of these challenges are as given below:

Quality issue of bamboo wood:

There are about 1600 species are found of bamboo but very few species can be used as flooring. The main challenge faced during choosing the bamboo wood is quality. It is not easy to find a bamboo of good quality. Even the professionals face challenge to choose the bamboo wood of best quality which can be used in flooring.

Moisture issues:

The Bamboo Flooring has a challenge of moisture. It is not easy to find completely dry bamboo. It is very difficult to measure the moisture level in bamboo wood. The moisture can create problems in future in these Bamboo Floorings. Even the carefully dried bamboos can have the moisture in it. It is very essential to measure the moisture in bamboo before installing it for a long durability.

Issues of Mold:

It is a serious problem with bamboo woods. The fungus can easily attack at raw bamboo so it is very important to use the bamboo as soon as possible. Otherwise this attack of fungus can cause the rots in bamboo floors. This fungus can also live in dry environment so it is very essential to check and prevent it before installation.


The installation of bamboo flooring is also a challenge because it is the work of expertise.The installers have to take care of bamboo wood during installation otherwise it can be easily damaged. The good finishing of bamboo wood is also important.

So these are main challenges which are faced during the installation of bamboo flooring. But according to wood flooring Toronto, these floors are still most popular because if these are installed in good way, bamboo floors can really enhance the looks of your place and are durable for a long time.