How to Maintain the Carpet in Your Home to Keep It Looking Like New

Carpeting is not cheap to install. Once you replace your carpet, you want it to last as long as possible. Most of the time you have at least seven years to enjoy it before replacement is necessary. The most common reasons for replacing carpeting include home remodeling prior to a sale or after a purchase. It may not seem possible at first, but there are ways to maintain a carpet, so it looks like new for longer.

Keep It Clean

One of the best carpet cleaning tips is to vacuum the carpet regularly. The vacuum cleaner should be taken out at least two or three times a week in a full household. For areas that see the most traffic, do at least four to six passes; lower traffic areas can get by with as few as two or three passes. Maintaining the vacuum cleaner is just as important. The bag shouldn’t be more than half full, the brushes should be in good condition, and the belt should be tight.

Spot cleaning is essential for removing spots and stains and preventing a spill from becoming a permanent stain. Blot at the spill gently and don’t wet the carpet too much. Rubbing or scrubbing will only make it go deeper into the carpet. If you’re going to use a solution, try your best to use it as a mist. Also, follow any instructions the manufacturer provides on removing specific substances.

Avoid Carpet Cleaning Powders

Many people use powder to eliminate odors. However, powder residue can remain in the carpet, and surface any time it is shampooed or steam cleaned. A carpet with a white, sticky film on top will certainly not look new.

Keep It Protected

If you know an area will have high traffic, use runners and area rugs over there. These can minimize the strain on the carpet, reduce soiling, and accentuate the decor of you home. Common places for runners/area rugs include hallways and areas near couches and chairs.

Protecting your carpet also requires limiting exposure to dirt. You can keep your carpet looking like new by taking your shoes off before going inside or using entry mats to limit how much dirt tracks indoors. Dirt, soil, and grit can wear out the carpet’s fibers, and soil can dull the color. Physical damage to the fibers means there is no way to repair the flooring unless you have it replaced.

Effective carpet cleaning services, such as those offered by Chem-Dry of the Unifour, can be useful too. Their service is fast-drying and has no toxins. There are many ways to keep your carpet clean safely and without hassle, so it doesn’t wear out prematurely.