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Healthy Home Improvements for the Family


The home ought to be a haven for everyone in the family. Therefore, you should treat it as such. Hence, while trying to upgrade home value, you should also think of everyone’s protection and overall health in the home.

When purchasing certain home products for the house, you should get the ones that are essential and safe to use within the house. You should also consider your pets’ safety (if you have any) within the house while improving the home.

The good thing about this is that you can also get these items online from online stores. For instance, Clatterans is an online store that deals with the sale of home improvement products like filters to ensure that you and your family are not exposed to dirty water.

Apart from getting items that will make life easier and safer within the home, you also have to know some specific tips to provide comfort and a healthy outcome. These tips are peculiar to particular places within the house. These tips are the following:

1.  The Entryway

The entryway is the first place that you come in contact with, and so, you need to ensure that you take proper care of the entrance. The reason being that it is possible and more comfortable to bring dirt inside the home from outside. The following are things you can set up to ensure a healthy home improvement on the entryway: –

  • Put mats on both sides of the entryways
  • Shake off pollen, snow, or any dirt from outerwear before entering the house
  • Put up fans in crawl spaces to avoid allergies and heat triggering illnesses like asthma
  • Create a regular checkpoint area for your pets to see if they have any diseases like tick

2.  The Living Room

The living room is also an essential part of the home, which needs to be kept safe and healthy. During the home improvement, you need to set up some rules that everyone in the house must adhere to to ensure healthy and comfortable living.

  • Allow ventilation
  • Ensure that your vacuum cleaner is set up with a HEPA filter
  • Clean the floor frequently
  • Regularly sanitize handheld devices such as remotes
  • Purchase washing machines that can easily clean the curtains
  • Constantly fumigate the chairs and living room environment

3.  The Kitchen/ Pantry

Like any other place in the home, the kitchen is one of the most critical areas in the home, a safe and healthy place for everyone in the house.

  • Ensure that you filter your drinking water
  • Clean surfaces regularly
  • Allow plates to dry properly
  • Install a vent fan within the kitchen

4.  The Kids’ Room

The kids’ room is also an important place in the home. Since kids will always play around and may bring in dirt into their room, you also need to pay more attention to their rooms.

  • Clean the room regularly
  • Make sure to sanitize toys and doorknobs
  • Make use of naturally furnished tools and chemical-free items