From The Basement Craft Room

The basement is often neglected space in the house, and it offers so many opportunities. This basement media room/family room combination provides the perfect spot to gather with family and friends. Search the website of The Basement Information Centre ( ) for a company registered with the British Structural Waterproofing Association. Welcome to our photo gallery of completed basement remodeling projects in Chicagoland. Who among us would not love a basement home theater area that is part of a cave that is full-blown.

Once you feel prepared to tackle a basement remodeling project, take a look at our 5-step process for defining your budget to get started. Your first step is to determine how livable your basement currently is and how much effort it will take to make it habitable. However, you can reduce the price tag of your basement renovation by reining in your personal preferences, the basement layout, the materials, and the cost of labor.basement Ideas

If you are interested to create rooms with high possibility that there will be so much spill and mess such as kitchen, bathroom, or storage room, you are recommended to use epoxy coatings as the prior list of basement flooring ideas. Install at least one recessed canister light in the basement ceiling for every 36 square feet of floor space, then add accent lights to eliminate any remaining dim areas. If you do not have a barrier hang below your beam you can easily finish the ceiling of basement den ideas using drywall or decorative panels such as wall panels grooved. If the beams and pipes remain visible they can be painted the same color as the ceiling. Define different spaces or zones by using color and decor so your basement can serve multiple purposes well.basement Ideas

Simple changes, such as adding drywall and flooring, can cost significantly less than creating a fully functional basement apartment. It is easy to install just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and this makes it very suitable for the use of the basement remodeling ideas on a budget. The basement ideas diy is a great place to set up an office out of sight of the rest of the house so you do not even need to keep your desk clean if you do not want.basement Ideas

Installing a personal gym in your basement is a great way to keep in shape from the privacy of your own home. I hope that this post was of some use to you but I get the feeling I’ve just bored you to death about my basement finishing ideas. You lose a small amount of ceiling height (about an inch or less) but it may be worth it to help keep the area quieter. One can gather different basement ideas through books, magazines and/or the internet. Reproduction furniture, oak fireplace surround and light fixtures reinforce a Craftsman theme seen throughout the space. Tented Ceiling Playroom in the basement ideas david schrock created by stapling fabric panels to the floor beams exposed. Once you’re clear that your space is indeed worthy of expending some of your hard-earned resources, you can compile your checklist of design ideas that will maximize your basement’s untapped potential.