Chris Oyakhilome Brings Out The Crowds In Zimbabwe

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been working hard over the past several decades to reach people and touch their lives. He has started multiple ministries, from book writing to television hosting, and it is his hope that he is showing people God’s presence. He wants them to see for themselves that God is real, and he feels called to do his work and passionate about all that he does with Christ Embassy, an organization created to touch the lives of others and bring them to God, and beyond.

Chris Oyakhilome has a teaching ministry going, and through it he teaches people about Jesus Christ and the purpose that each of their lives has. He is always writing something new, and he has sold many copies of the devotionals that he has put out there. He has even done so well as to become a bestselling author. He has been working on television for over a dozen years, and he is someone people see and recognize for his strong faith and for the passion that he has when speaking of his faith. He has ministered all over the world, and he is still going strong, even after more than thirty years of service.

Recently, over 100,000 people gathered in Zimbabwe to hear Pastor Chris Oyakhilome speak. They wanted to know what he was going to say, and so they came from all over to be in attendance when he arrived. Some of them even went so far as to come the night before and claim a place to sit and be when he got there. People came because they wanted to hear the special news that he had to speak, as well. He told them that he was going to make an announcement about Zimbabwe during his time there.

Prayer rallies were held during the week for this man and his ministry. The people of Zimbabwe were waiting eagerly to see him and to know what he had to say. And when Pastor Chris got there he told them that this is the time for their country. This is the time for things to improve in Zimbabwe. He believes that things are going to become better from this point on out.

All of the people who gathered there to hear Pastor Chris speak got what they were longing for. They got the encouragement that they needed from a man who travels all over the globe and choose to meet up with all of them that day. The people came from all over, and they sacrificed their day to see him. And the passion that Chris Oyakhilome has and the way that he talked to them that day about the things that were going to take place and change in Zimbabwe made it all worth it to them, even to the ones who came the night before just to get a good spot to see him talk.