4 Home Decor Inspirations from Instagram

Everyone certainly has their own dream home criteria. Living in a dream home not only provides comfort, but also creates positive energy in it.

Aesthetic value and comfort in the home were mutually sustainable. If the decoration or arrangement of furniture carelessly, the house will feel uncomfortable and unsightly.

Of course there are some things that we must pay attention to when decorating a dream home. Fortunately, now many home decoration references from the internet can be an inspiration.

Instagram account for home decoration inspiration

Now, on Instagram there are already many Indonesian accounts that provide tips and inspiration for good home decor. Among these are the following 5 Instagram account decorations, let’s see it!

1. @Blogsachi

Instagram decoration inspiration

@Blogsachi is an account owned by a mother who likes to share the day-to-day of her baby, Sachi, and her cats. The house they lived in became very beautiful residential decoration content.

The interior of the predominantly Scandinavian-

7 Tips on Masculine Interior Design for Minimalist Spaces

Create mysterious and elegant nuances in your home!

Not only beautifies the dwelling, but interior design with a certain style can also describe a person’s personality. For example, feminine women like the sweet shabby chic style. Meanwhile, most men definitely like masculine interior design.

But, don’t be mistaken! Masculine interior design is not only for men, really. The women can also bring the impression of elegance and modern housing with masculine interior design.

Tips on Creating a Masculine Feel in the Interior of a Home

Not only in terms of aesthetics, masculine interior design also considers aspects of functional furniture. Do not forget the choice of decoration can not be arbitrary.

Now, to help you design your house, These 7 tips on masculine interior design. Come on, listen!

1. Neutral and masculine color selection

Masculine interior design tips - neutral and masculine colors

The first masculine interior design tips are the selection of neutral colors on walls, furniture, or decoration. Choose neutral colors