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Bamboo floors have become more popular in recent years, due to their many similarities to hardwood flooring. This is in fact a fallacy because strand woven bamboo flooring has a higher Janka Hardness than most other hardwoods. For more information about how to maintain and clean your bamboo floor, visit the cleaning and maintenance section of our website. You can find complete installation instructions on the product page by clicking on the installation tab and then clicking on – Installation Guide. From the manufacturer’s point of view, bamboo flooring and bamboo itself is a very good material. By using dark carbonized bamboo strips for making bamboo flooring, it is more stable and uniform color than regular bamboo flooring. Unlike wood, bamboo is rapidly renewable and matures in around six years (rather than 60). In the age of green building , bamboo flooring has become a major player in hardwood options.bamboo flooring

Click-together engineered planks are square-edged, as are some traditional horizontal or vertical bamboo floorboards. Additionally, carefully select the manufacturer of bamboo as some of the bamboo is created with glues and finishes that have high levels of VOC’s. Typically bamboo can be used in kitchens and bathrooms because of these spill resistant properties. Bamboo flooring has gained popularity with green building councils in the world, due to its many environmentally friendly characteristics. The majority of manufacturing plants are located not far from where the bamboo is harvested making the field-to-factory carbon footprint very small. The same square footage of bamboo produces more oxygen than many tree varieties. Bamboo is an environmentally sound alternative and is nature’s substitute for the beautiful yet endangered rain forest hardwoods.bamboo flooring

The only thing to be careful with bamboo flooring is at the same time to ensure that the strips are pressed together in a unified and closed during the evacuation process. But bamboo seems fairly priced when you consider its rather complicated manufacturing process and the fact that it’s harvested in East Asia. You have requested options for bamboo laminate flooring in short strips, tiles and plants, though. Not only is bamboo durable, it is frequently favored for its resistance to fire, insects and moisture. These 2 structures have the characteristics of regular bamboo’s stability and strength of strand woven bamboo. And while the grain pattern and natural color of bamboo are both rather subtle, bamboo flooring is available in more than 50 different prestained colors ranging from soft cedar tones to bright reds and greens.

Grade A high quality bamboo sourced from a veteran manufacturer and distributed by a veteran Australian timber flooring supplier. Within Australia there is an industry standard provided by the Australian Timber Flooring Association that covers installation. What these bamboo and technology facts help to illustrate is the diverse properties of the plant. Laying your bamboo floor is a piece of cake thanks to the patented Quick-Step Uniclic system. This will stop the abrasive particles in their tracks and prevent them from making their way onto your bamboo flooring. The output efficiency is 100 kg of bamboo saw powder produces 20 kg bamboo charcoal.

At Simply Bamboo we have been a specialist in bamboo flooring and installations with great success for over a decade now. With the rising popularity of bamboo as flooring, the Janka test has been forced to include the diverse ratings for different bamboo floors. Since bamboo thrives typically in tropical areas, it is very resistant to spills.