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Best Interior Designers in the UK

British interior design has some unique aspects that have fascinated the world for decades.  It is effortless, influential and distinctive. It has been applied in various sectors from music, fashion and interior design. Even those seeking to find furniture store websites have increasingly sought to find furniture stores offering British designs. Looking for a reliable interior designer can be challenging, especially if it’s your first time. However, online review sites such as seek to make the process easy. You can visit them and look at how various interior designers have been reviewed and select reputable ones. This article lists the best interior designers in the UK, from Laura Hammett’s flawless contemporary and classic combination to Nicky Haslam’s decorative masterworks.

Graham & Green

Antonia Graham opened his initial Graham and Green’s store in 1974 in London’s bohemian Notting Hill. This family-operated and independent brand has since then been known for offering eclectic furniture and distinctive gifts obtained from reputable artisans worldwide. It also offers top-quality home wear. Graham & Green has for 45 years strived to offer pieces with carefully-crafted designs to the contemporary home.

Helen Green Design

This is another great interior designer firm. Helen Green Design was founded in 2002 by the late Helen Green and is led by Design Director Natalia Miyar. It offers great unmatched skills that help it deliver great British styles. It has done offshore and onshore feats projects, including transforming private Yachts and homes in comfortable localities such as Barbados, Val d’Isère and Belgravia. The firm incorporates a mixture of traditional and modern features with a minimalist colour palette flattered with rich woods and beautiful upholstery. Miyar gets her inspiration from trips she has made globally, which gives her work a multi-ethnic style.

Laura Hammett

This interior design firm was launched in 2008 by Laura Hammett together with Aaron Hammett.  The firm specializes in global luxury residential projects but pays particular attention to Britain’s most coveted hotspots, such as Henley-on-Thames, Knightsbridge, and Kensington. This British based designer firm does work that reflects aspects of typical modern excellence. The duo founders have a total of 25-year experience in interior designing, which makes it possible for them to come up with elegant colour schemes, leaving a space that has a great look. The firms not only works on modern homes, but it has also transformed various listed buildings with great precision and care, adding them a contemporary touch while still ensuring that it still maintains aspects of their original characteristics.

Veere Grenney Associates

Veere Grenney Associates offers a unique interior design style that juxtaposes the new and old looks with grandeur and restraint. Veere Grenney Associates was established in 1996 and has close to three decades of interior design experience, and its styles are highly sought after. Grenney can flaunt canvases from patterned wallpaper, interesting furniture silhouettes and wood floorings and adds character to designs.

Oliver Burns

This is an English interior designer house that Joe Burns and his wife Sharon founded about 13 years ago. It does perfectly British inspired projects. It also offers some of the best classic furniture and finest finishes. Its philosophy of ‘Thoughtful Luxury drives each of the projects that this firm takes’. Oliver Burns seeks to balance functionality and aesthetics. It takes careful attention to each detail to develop pieces that will reflect a great modern look whilst incorporating the British interior design style.

René Dekker

With 25 years of experience, British interior designer Rene Dekker has great skills, and his works have won various awards.  Dekker works feature neutral looks, with walls having neutral shapes of mushroom and taupe. Some of the sublime details in Rene Dekker works include animal skin rugs, Parquet flooring, and traditional fire surroundings.  Rene Dekker works also include coloured upholstery, bespoke furniture and wall mouldings. Dekker has also been involved in works that entail revamping boutique hotels, private yachts and luxury restaurants.

David Collins Studio

David Collins has a great mastery of British interior designs. His design firm has carried out a range of diverse commercial and residential projects, including the Jimmy Choo and Alexander McQueen stores and has also worked on homes of celebrities such as Madonna. The interior designer established the David Collins studio in 1985, and even after his passing on, the firm continues to offer amazing British designed spaces. Its design’s feature exquisite elements from eclectic antiques and hand-embroidered walls to velvet upholstery.

In conclusion, it may be hard to locate interior designers that will give your home a British design look, especially if you haven’t been involved in interior design before. With this article, you have some of the Best UK interior designers.