Attic Italian Design. Domodossola, Italy

Where two design languages seem to be different, Zaven often see connections, which coincide with their diverse research interests and their constant crossover between communication, design and art. Nearly 30 years ago, Alessi began shifting away from in-house design and became one of the pioneers of open innovation. Goal: To produce a timeless line of clothing that not necessarily follows the short lived seasonal fashion imposed by the big brands.italian design

Come and hear me speak at IDS WEST about ‘Kitchen Design & Trends’ with a panel of experts on how the best kitchens are being designed. The Triennale Design Museum celebrates women as the new creative force behind a form of design that is less high-handed, less authoritarian, more spontaneous and more dynamic.

Gathers several features in one single piece: care for details, a matching of different materials, a study on the shapes, selection of colours and models, elegance, refined design as well as convenience. Perrottet also thought at à l’École Supérieure d’Art et de Design d’Amiens (ESAD) in 1992-1993.italian design

Fusion is a classic, but not in the literal meaning of the word, as it is an modern piece of furniture which matches black and white colours in an extremely refined way. Spacify specializes in providing Modern Furniture and Contemporary Furniture at genuine factory direct prices.

Most of them have been directly scored by our furniture purchase manager during her trip to Italy! After the war ended, they didn’t know how to further use this equipment so Mr. Piaggio had a very creative idea: design a scooter and use the machinery to make its wheels. The commission to design it was given to an engineer by the name of D’Aschanio, a Piaggio employee. Hani Rashid: What we are in search of is how to solve creative and design problems with elegance, producing something that inspires. Getting the standard Italian appearance is more costly due to the layout uses much more wood and fabric material. The reason behind Italy’s dominance of design is due to its advanced teaching institutions, design schools and universities. Visit our brand new website dedicated to authentic Mid Century Modern Italian design and Mid Century furniture and discover a selected unique collection of rare furniture pieces!