Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Basement bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens, common features in many conversions, are straightforward with regard to hot and cold water supply lines, though not always for drainage. Here is Jenn’s favorite basement idea – an art niche with down-lighting and 2 piece trim. Before I add wood splinters ceiling ceiling I was really in a miserable condition. Check for any water issues in your basement before beginning the planning process. A more formal style finished basement with television sitting area and bar tables surrounded by brick walls and wooden ceilings. Since framing, insulation and drywall is out of the picture, this is how I covered the walls of our unfinished basement.

Consider a decorative spiral staircase to your finished basement where you extended master suite expands with a private lounge, digital fireplace heater, and walk-in closets larger than your neighbors’ bedrooms. If you’re fortunate enough to have a generous amount of headroom then you have more latitude to choose other types of light fixtures that hang from or attach to the ceiling.

Managing the acoustics of a home theater and ensuring that the lighting is indeed spot on is a lot easier in a controlled environment like the basement. However, you should measure the moisture level when you choose the basement flooring ideas for a peace in mind in the whole future. The comfort of warmth and pleasure are the key words that should guide your decision to the basement apartment ideas decorating. This is not a good time to try to save a few dollars by tackling a home-repair project yourself—a recurrence of the water problem could lead to thousands of dollars in damage to your newly finished basement. Also remember that certain design ideas require compliance with specific building codes depending on the use.

Finishing a basement is typically less expensive than building an addition or moving into a larger house. The desire to maximize the space available to the hilt has seen designers and homeowners to embrace the attic and basement with new vigor in recent years. Builtin shelves rope lighting and inspiration for coloring options get ideas for entertaining a basement walls of past finished our planning calculators for a basement. This DIY tool caddy by Mom 4 Real , built out of pegboard, is great for storage. Other homeowners appreciate close the laundry room to leave the rest of the basement floor plan for entertaining family and friends.basement Ideasbasement Ideas

Because much of the construction done during a basement remodel involves working with or around plumbing, electrical wiring, ducts, and other highly technical aspects of your home, many homeowners would benefit greatly from expert assistance. Finished basement space can easily become an extension of the living space in both function and decor. So then I tried various levels basement decorating ideas sports theme and whitewash.