7 Tips on Masculine Interior Design for Minimalist Spaces

Create mysterious and elegant nuances in your home!

Not only beautifies the dwelling, but interior design with a certain style can also describe a person’s personality. For example, feminine women like the sweet shabby chic style. Meanwhile, most men definitely like masculine interior design.

But, don’t be mistaken! Masculine interior design is not only for men, really. The women can also bring the impression of elegance and modern housing with masculine interior design.

Tips on Creating a Masculine Feel in the Interior of a Home

Not only in terms of aesthetics, masculine interior design also considers aspects of functional furniture. Do not forget the choice of decoration can not be arbitrary.

Now, to help you design your house, These 7 tips on masculine interior design. Come on, listen!

1. Neutral and masculine color selection

Masculine interior design tips - neutral and masculine colors

The first masculine interior design tips are the selection of neutral colors on walls, furniture, or decoration. Choose neutral colors that tend to be dark such as gray, black, or brown.

You can also give a touch of bright colors like white as a variation. However, try bright colors do not dominate so that the impression of masculinity still appears in the room.

2. The use of minimalist furniture

Masculine interior design tips - minimalist furniture

Masculine interior design is identical to the nature of men who do not like complicated things. That is why the concept of masculine is also closely related to the use of minimalist and modern furniture.

Choose multifunctional furniture so you don’t need to put a lot of furniture in the room. Do not forget to choose a matching color so that the impression of masculine is more prominent, yes!

3. Touch of geometry patterns

Masculine interior design tips - touch geometry patterns

Masculine interior design will also increasingly appear with geometric patterns. Decisive geometric shapes will sharpen your masculine impression on your home.

You can apply this geometry in various forms. For example, on display, wall patterns, carpets, and motifs on furniture.

4. Firm wood elements

masculine interior design tips - the use of wood elements

Not only creates a natural feel, wood elements can also sharpen the impression of masculine in the interior of the house. Choose a dark wood color for an elegant and masculine feel.

You can apply wood to furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets, even floors. In this way, the interior of your home is not only masculine but also luxurious.

5. Leather furniture

masculine interior design - leather material

In addition to wood elements, leather material will also enhance the masculine interior design in your home. For example, like a leather sofa for the living room or workspace.

Of course, choose a skin color that matches the masculine theme, such as dark brown, black, or gray. The impression of ‘male’ as well as elegant will color the interior of your home, deh!

6. Decoration selection

Masculine interior design tips - decoration selection

Generally, men do not like decorative ornaments that are not too excited. This also certainly applies to the masculine interior design.

Minimal use of decoration will bring the maximum masculine impression. However, you can also, really, choose a number of eye-catching decorations as a spotlight in the interior visuals of the house,

For example, such as brightly colored artsy displays among dark interiors. Or, you can also place a large ornament on one side of the house to reinforce the decor.

7. Proper lighting

Masculine interior design tips - the right lighting

Tips on the last masculine interior design namely the selection and placement of the right lighting. To create a mysterious and masculine impression, use indirect lighting that doesn’t make your eyes glare.

The choice of yellow lights in certain spots can also create a dramatic and homey atmosphere , you know!