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3 Lighting Options for Your Home


Natural light provided by the sun is great for lighting up your home. During the shorter days of the year, when nature decides to block the sunbeams or if your windows do not optimally receive the illumination, it is a good idea to have a plan B. Since there are numerous options to choose from, the professionals landscape lighting overland park, for example, can guide you through the options and availability.

To get you started, here are three lighting options you may consider for your home.


Ceiling lights serve a variety of functions. They are usually mounted from the highest point of any room, the ceiling, so they will give off the best light. Popular ceiling light choices include chandeliers, medallions and tracks. Since they are hung from the ceiling, they tend to be dramatic. In a sense, they set the tone of the room. They can be commanding in style, or you can opt for a more minimalist design. Ceiling lights are great for the kitchen, living area and dining room. They are best-suited for rooms that require unhindered light for safety reasons.


Wall lights are great for providing more focused lighting. Sconces, under-cabinets and swing arms are some of the options you will find in this category. You can place them in your bathroom, the kitchen and hallways. They can also provide enough illumination over a fireplace and around your hanging picture frames. When you are in the mood for a midnight snack, but do not want to disturb others with the ceiling light, an under-cabinet light helps you rummage your drawers and shelves for the perfect bite. Swing arms provide enough illumination for reading by your bedside before you are ready to nod off for the night.


Exterior lights, like ceiling lights, serve more than one purpose. Landscape, spotlights and wall mounts are great for lighting the path to your front door as well as warding off those with potentially nefarious intentions. Sconces, hanging lights and wall flush mounts provide enough illumination to help you open your front door late at night for quicker entry. Exterior lighting also helps make an impressive first impression. Simply pick your style and accessorize accordingly.

Proper lighting provides safety inside and outside your home. Ceiling, wall and exterior lighting are three categories to explore to ensure optimal illumination and additional stylish features.