Various Modifications of Natural Stone Ceramics in Indoor Design

With material technology and increasingly advanced production, it is also driven by designers who are always innovating to get ceramic designs that are always new and unique. Nowadays, natural stone ceramics also have many variations of colors and models that can meet whatever furnishing needs according to your design preferences or tastes.

Now, despite discussing natural stone ceramics, there is only one impression, but it turns out that natural stone ceramics itself has many models and variations. Ceramic design choices that are very diverse make you will never get bored and stuck in choosing materials suitable for the purposes of the construction or renovation of your home or other commercial buildings such as boutiques, offices, hotels or cafes. Ceramics are part of technological developments in architecture. Natural stone ceramics will continue to grow in future variations. Therefore, there is nothing that hinders your imagination and creativity. For maximum results, you can find thousands of other inspirational and trusted interior designs at the Indoor Tiles Australia. Happy exploring!

Here it is several types of natural stone ceramics that can enrich your ideas and creations!

Ceramic Natural Stone + Color – Primary Color

The use of primary colors such as yellow, red or blue as an accent of space has been known since 1917-1930. Even though this trend has not been popular for a long time, this style remains iconic and the concept of primary color accents in interiors or architecture is still often adapted in modern designs today. or yellow and red cabinets as accents that make the living space dynamic and dynamic. Textured natural stone ceramics plus plain color accents, perfect!

Ceramic Natural Stone Texture Denim

Denim texture on natural stone ceramics is a very creative idea to leave a heavy or industrial impression on your room. This natural stone ceramic with denim texture can be a decorative element for your foyer walls or your kitchen backsplash. Giving a fresh and youthful impression, these natural stone ceramics can create a bright atmosphere while remaining warm. Also suitable for the studio where you work because the colors are not pale and not too prominent combined with the composition of ceramics and shapes like this is believed to stimulate the work of the brain and increase creativity!

Medieval Style and Natural Stone Ceramic Rust Effects

The medieval interior style is a style that refers to the years 500-1400 BC. It is a style that usually exists in a classical cathedral or castle buildings. This style adjustment in modern buildings is the use of dramatic natural stone materials, wood that is rich in texture and curved openings. Natural stone ceramics with rust effects like this can be a dramatic choice of material. Natural stone ceramics with rust effect on lighter color tones for floors and darker rust effects on walls. Can be combined with copper, purple or white paint finishes to add and also balance the dramatic impression. This style can be achieved with the high ceiling design.

The selection of upholstery fabrics for sofas or other chairs also tends to use deep colors like bronze, gold or purple and blue. Or bright colors but velvet fabric material (velvet).

Modern Natural Stone Graphic Motifs

You can also explore natural stone tiles that are not plain or textured but have graphic patterns like this. The natural stone ceramics by Japanese designers greatly emphasize simple shapes with gradations of color that are also simple but can produce an attractive and unique overall design. The motifs of the tiles are not typical of each other even though they are still in the same design form, with a combination of two different colors that still look harmonious with each other. You can balance this with finishing paint on the wall adjacent to the same tone choice. Mini-style stone ceramics can be used as a dominant overall material or as an accent.

Three Dimensional Effects of Natural Stone Ceramics as Decorative Elements

Natural stone ceramics with three-dimensional effects are very suitable for you to use as decorative elements to add value to your interior design. Three-dimensional effects can beautify the whole space and give an aesthetic effect that spoils the eye. Choose the color of natural stone tiles that are neutral, grounded or warm like cream or peach colors. Natural stone ceramics with embossed models like this have been marketed too with a choice of different shape designs. Choose the one that best suits your character and preferences. Don’t forget to combine it with other plain materials in the same color for more natural design, but you can also choose contrasting colors to create a bolder design in terms of color play.