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The trend of Distinctive, Artistic and Pioneering Frameless Shower Screens. Explore and Style your Bathroom with Best!

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What are shower screens? Shower screens are basicallyshower enclosures. They are one of the significant considerations while...

What are shower screens?

Shower screens are basicallyshower enclosures. They are one of the significant considerations while designing a perfect bathroom. Their basic function is to keeps the water in a narrow space and it gives its user a complete sense of privacy while taking shower. It can be used to construct a shower compartment instead of separate shower unit. Premium frameless shower screens are most common these days.

What are shower screens manufactured from?

Shower Screens are usually manufactured from a toughened glass of 6mm, 8mm or 10mm. it’s edges are polished and shower doors are of 8mm or 10mm, which includes

  1. Blue.
  2. Bronze.
  3. Grey.
  4. Low Iron Glass options.

Major categories of shower glass:

There are three major types of shower screens

  1. Framed.
  2. Semi-Framed.
  3. Frameless.

Premium frameless shower screens

These are very stable and modern shower screen with the efficient stylishness of a frameless panel made from good quality glass. There are many diverse and beautiful shapes are available in the market for any bathroom. Premium frameless shower screens are lovely, attractive, useful and easy to maintain.

Benefits of Premium frameless shower screens

The benefits are:

Easy to sparkle

They do not have metal ends or any kind of frames. This is the reason which because of which it is very convenient to keep them clean and spotless.

long-lasting and resilient

The elder shower screens with frames required consistent care. But, in the case of premium frame less showers this problem is resolved as the glass used in their manufacturing experiences some distinct management which make it stronger.


One of the most important factor which makes them favorite is that they are extra hygienic. It is because of their ability to be clean easily. The additional factor is as they are frame less because the frames which were used in the previous screens were upbringing lands for some germs. Furthermore, the framed shower screens could face the process of rusting after a certain time period. But this is not the case with premium frameless shower screens.


The new frameless shower screens are made up of glass. This glass is very crystal clear and durable. There are no metal frames and sliding doors. This is the main reason to make them look more good-looking and elegant.

Easy to install

Nonexistence of  metal frames makes them very convenient to install as you don’t have to screw any metal border. Presence of metal borders in the previous model made it difficult to fix the shower as the frames had to be fitted together. This difficulty is well handled now by removal of frames completely in new models. These prominent reimbursements and distinct new features make the premium frame less shower more favorable and demandable. Furthermore, premium can produce a custom frameless shower screen according to any bathroom magnitude and arrangement with high excellence to inspire.