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Several Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Lawns Taking care of lawns is usually impossible during holiday seasons. Many people mostly use this time to enjoy themselves. In this period, the lawns get space to thrive. This can be associated with a lot of problems as they grow. The results are stress and poor sanitary conditions of the lawns. Adoption of these several practices will enable your lawns to cross the hot summer season with little or no problems. Ensuring that your turf plant is well given water should be your first priority. As you know, the hot summer usually dries the soil thus watering of the lawns is necessary. When you water the lawns, its root will go deeper beyond the drying level which has moisture. This will help the plant to get moisture for itself when you don’t regularly water them. The hot conditions will not affect the lawn because it is drought resistant. The turf can be trained to deepen their roots only by watering them when its leaves show signs of withering. You should ensure it get enough water The spring season should be the time you put fertilizer to your plants. Ensuring that your lawns are healthy before the summer holiday arrives will also play a big part in ensuring they are of good health even during summer. The same would be helpful even during winter. Putting fertilizer should be done before the two harsh conditions. Quality compost provides nutrients for your turf which will make it healthy all time.
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Mowing of the turf should also be conducted at such a time. Evaporation is in great extent reduced by mowing your lawns right before the beginning of summer. If the plant is long and healthy, reducing it to a short height is good. The height of the weak turf should be a bit longer. The increase in length enables the leaves of the lawn to shade and further insulate the soil with moisture. There are benefits of using those clips that you have cut. The clips will be used as green manure to provide nutrients while they still act as mulch to prevent water loss to the environment. Using turf clips can save you the money that you could have used to buy fertilizers.
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Another thing that you should ensure is that your lawn is pest and weed free. The plant should be sprayed any chemical just before the summer begins. Spraying should be done in spring when the weather is a bit mild. The pesticides and weed control chemicals are effective in mild conditions. At times, doing all of these may not be possible, you should consider therefore getting a professional to do it for you.