Smart Ideas: Porches Revisited

Don’t Be Disturbed with Insect Bites at Summer Dining!

No matter how exciting and entertaining the idea of an outdoor activity is, the truth just comes out disappointing at times. There could be nothing far worse than having scratches because of insect bites and even sharing your meal with those bugs.

Alfresco dining will not necessarily mean comfortable and tight, but just like any home there are a lot of solutions, gizmos and gadgets that will remove your uneasiness in no time.

The Gizmo – a bug repellant is one of the most familiar scents during summer season apart from the beach, sun creams, and grilled barbeques. These are offered in oils, sprays, and lotions which usually comes off with an ugly smell. Furthermore, there is a possibility that you will feel a stinging sensation; quite cynical though because it is meant to prevent bugs from stinging you! Yet, there are currently new forms of insect repellants found in the market such as burners and candles. These gizmos naturally give off a scent that is unpleasant for insects making them leave the area as soon as possible without bothering you and your food. And yes, the smell of woody smoke and citronella will also help in getting rid of them. When you visit shops, you will find several attractive designs that can add up as decor while keeping the area free from insects. Also, most of these gizmos don’t hurt the insects so you can be at peace.

The Gadget – these products which include vacuum bagged bug suckers and light zappers, are more techy and definitely less insect friendly. Purchase these products from the store if you just want to be super sure of a bug-free dinner. There are also watches that use ultrasonic frequencies to hinder mosquitos from sucking your blood. With a lot of different choices, these are good for people who prefer a gadget insect repellant.

The Solution – for a person who is not into gadgets and gizmos, purchasing a retractable porch screen is advisable. These screens are mesh-like and can be placed on any sheltered patio or porch letting you enjoy insect free dinner for they can’t get through the screen. These mesh-like screens don’t interfere with the view and can be removed during the times where only a few insects are present. This option differ from the two above since it does not hurt the bugs, and does not eliminate an ugly smell.

If you wish to have dinner outside with friends, expect that you will not be alone since bugs and insects will come too. It can add to the decor and nature feels of the place especially if you got a beetle or butterfly; but if not then assume already some bites and scratches everywhere. That is the sole purpose of insect repellants, keep you away from insect bites. So you can maybe at least keep one insect repellant at home in case you need it. And hey, you might want to check the food on your spoon before taking it in!