Removal of Uninvited Guests Under a Homeowner’s Deck

Urban sprawl, loss of habitat, and a decrease in staple foods have caused many critters to seek shelter on residential and commercial property. Raccoons or coyotes will rummage through garbage cans at night. Squirrels, bats, and birds will build nests in attic. Groundhogs and skunks will dig up lawns looking for food and create dens in obscure places around buildings.


Many wild animals will excavate the ground as a means of making a den, take refuge from predators, or get our of the elements. The hole quickly becomes a tunnel, which leads to a hollowed out living space. Some dens can be quite large in order to accommodate entire families.

Skunk dens, for example, will need to house up to a dozen skunks. These animals have yearly litters or four to ten babies. Burrowing is most successful when entrances are well hidden. Digging can begin under a homeowner’s deck, under a pile of discarded debris in the back yard, or along a commercial structure. Most burrows extend to under the building, causing major damage.


Animals that create nests in or around a building can also cause substantial damage. Insulation becomes soiled, the wood can begin to rot, and fans can be damaged which effects ventilation. Birds, mice, voles, weasels, and other wildlife are efficient builders and can cause damage quickly.

The building will begin to have a foul odor, critters will be running around in the walls, and wiring or pipes can be damaged. Every day an uninvited animal lives in or around the home or business more damage is done.

Call Professionals

Do not attempt to remove wildlife yourself. That typically ends in disaster. Injury to people or the animal, further property destruction when trying to access the nest or den, or getting fined for illegally trapping and releasing an animal are just a few examples. These are wild animals that may be carrying diseases and will attack when threatened.

Professional pest control and wild animal removal companies will have the appropriate traps, will be able to quickly assess which animal is causing problems, and will safely and legally release the intruder once caught. Services are cost-effective so save time and money by leaving wildlife removal to skilled and licensed professionals.