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The Preferred Modes of Conducting Irrigation. Many people tend to go for the manual kind of irrigation since they believe sprinkler systems use too much water. With the rising advancement in technology, there are some irrigation techniques the homeowners can utilize. Sprinkler irrigation is one of the preferred means of irrigating your lawn. When conducting irrigation, sprinkler type should be considered. The landscaping professionals always suggest installation of the in ground sprinklers for irrigating grass. When you want to keep your yard in good shape, the in ground sprinklers should be the one to go for. Those who are installed permanently also aids in increasing the resale value of your home. For those who don’t the in ground sprinkler types of irrigator should worry since they can as well use the pulsating sprinklers. The lawns should be wetted evenly. The need to wet your lawn evenly requires that you work hand in hand with a professional who will be able to install and test the sprinkler system. The homeowner can also conduct this by placing containers around the yard and turning on the system. Checking the level of water in the containers and making the convenient adjustment should be considered in a session of sprinkling. Even sprinkling is water saving.
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Watering aids slowly in efficient absorption. Planning of your grass irrigation should be considered. The watering process may take long though it relies on the size of your lawn, performing the watering exercise in a hurry is not advised either. Enough water absorption into the ground can be permitted by slow irrigation process. Run off is always caused by quick irrigation process. The best way to irrigate a lawn is to partition it into sections and sprinkle a part a time. This method permits water in each yard to settle on the soil.
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Regular sprinkling is very crucial. Grass irrigation should be carried at least once every three days during the how month. This allows the roots to get sufficient water and desired conditions for maximum growth leading to more stable and nourished lawn. Conducting irrigation on a regular basis is not advisable since it stagnates the growth of the grass. Irrigation should be carried out in such a manner that water penetrates six inches’ underground. Morning hours offer the best time to conduct irrigation. This seems to be the best time because of the cool weather. In order to allow water to adequately soak in the soil, irrigation should be carried in the morning. The drying out of the surface water is also permitted this way and this occurs before the sun comes out.