6 Tropical Inspirational Design Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

In times like these cold days, people prefer to be in warm tropical places. Places filled with new scents and colors, where everything looks different and fun. Even if you do not have a suitable budget or enough time, opinions on ReviewBirds.com suggests we create these worlds in our homes with ideas provided in this article to design the kids’ rooms to have a tropical feeling.

You can keep your kids’ room feeling bright and sunny all year round by bringing in a touch of tropical designs and most importantly visiting the best design companies for your interior designs. We have put together 6 tropical inspirational design ideas. Get ready for a great ride because these ideas will transport you to a tropical paradise.

1.     Natural Style with Tropical Leaves:

Create a tropical design with some enormous leaves. You can purchase some artificial leaves that are of high quality so they can last for a longer time. These leaves can be used to decorate the children’s room ceiling, the drawer and vase. You can create whatever design you want with these tropical leaves. 

2.     Original Walls from a Tropical World:

You can create a cute children’s room by using a cute color range with tropical forest and birds to add light and color to the kid’s room. If using paint is expensive, you can use wallpapers, tropical forest wallpapers for a nursery or kid’s room. This creates so much imagination for the kids and yet it is quite sophisticated.

3.     Funny Leaves Lighting:

This is a really cool idea. This tropical theme is created with lights hanging across kid’s room walls. This is an amazing concept that can easily replace a traditional lamp. It adds uniqueness to the kid’s room and can also be used in a teenager’s room.

4.     Greenery is The Key:

A greenery themed room serves as an instant symbol of a tropical environment. Not just any kind of greenery theme. It should be a greenery theme filled with palms and other types of exotic plants. This theme is also a great way to add so much texture to the kid’s room. If getting a proper jungle palm is difficult you can get monster leaf plants. This plant also serves as a great greenery theme. Just placing these leaves in the right place would do the trick.

5.     Lots of Color:

When you think of tropical designs. The first thing that comes to mind is lots of colors. To create a tropically inspired décor you have to let go of the neutrals and welcome lively colors. Complement the greenery theme in the room with different bright colors. These colors can be initiated with throw pillows, accent pieces and fabrics. You can also make use of artificial tropical flowers and birds. But if you want the room dimmed a bit, add some toned colors to keep the tropical vibe on.

6.     Tropical Animals and Fruit:

A tropical design cannot be complete without the presence of the exotic animals and attractive fruits. Animals like parrots, flamingos and monkeys and fruits like bananas, mango and pineapples should be added in the kid’s room décor.


After creating these tropical inspired kids’s rooms, do not forget to add some fun areas to the room. Since it’s a child’s room you can make the room more adventurous for the children by placing some toys in the middle of the tropically designed room.