10 Must have Kitchen Appliances

A lot of people are confused about which kitchen appliances are necessary in their kitchen, most especially the newlyweds. A kitchen has evolved from just being a place where cooking activities are carried out, to a place to discover new recipes. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is find a disorganized kitchen to prepare your next meal. This is why a kitchen must be pleasing and comfortable. Cooking is an art that has been made easier  with new kinds of sophisticated machines produced in recent times.

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Here is a list of 10 must have kitchen Appliances   to make cooking easy and stress free.

1.  Oven/ Gas Cooker

This is the leader on the list. To have a gas cooker in your kitchen gives unspeakable joy. Imagine cooking with firewood in a rustic setting, and you start struggling to light it up and get it to remain lighted. Seems stressful right? The food may have a unique taste definitely but the stress to get that is better imagined than experienced. A gas cooker is mankind’s savior in terms of cooking.

2.  Blender

This is the end of usual any and every manual way of blending such as mortar and pestle. Throw all the mix into a blender and everything comes out smoothly blended without stress. Blender typically has two cups in their package-one for liquid and the other for dry food.

3.  Microwave

Who doesn’t like to warm his/her frozen food easily in a microwave  instead of pouring in a pot to warm up in an old fashioned way? Microwaves are multi-purpose. Can also be used for cooking rice, grilling. Pop-corn e.t.c.

4.  Fridge

During the summer, a cold drink soothes a patched and dry throat. You can keep food cooked in the fridge and some perishable and non-perishable items. Fridge is a must have!

5.  Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker is magical. Boils hard meat, and makes them so soft. It has speed more than a normal cooking method

6.  Toaster/Sandwich Maker

Sometimes you would want to have your bread in a different way. This makes your bread crunchy .It assists in making sandwich eggs, makes great waffles also.

7.  Electric Chimney/Cooker Hood

If you are conscious health-wise, it is very beneficial. If anyone has asthma and is scared of cooking, this electric chimney makes the kitchen fumeless and removes any other pollen that could affect.

8.  Juicer

Used in extracting juice from fruits and vegetables that is good for the body.

9.  Food Processor

This is used for different things in the kitchen; it has the manual as well as the electrical. Choose the one you prefer.

10.              Water Heater

Hot water is needed in the kitchen severally. This gives you what you want without needing to turn on the gas.